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Agricola Technology

A Controlled Environment Agriculture Systems Company Started in 2017

Our mission is to put controlled environment agriculture systems that disrupt traditional centralized agriculture in the hands of educators, individuals, restaurants, garden supply retailers, commercial producers, and vegans that believe in sustainable living with net zero energy to change the way we grow foods, herbs, and medicines.

What We Do


Systems to grow nutritionally-dense food with weekly harvests for radish, cilantro, and other cultivars like those found on the International Space Station.


Systems to produce clones in grow tents and containers from mother plants to transplant into production systems indoors and outdoors.


Production systems built into horizontally and vertically scalable containers with weekly crops around the year instead of annual crops.

Find out how to get your farming systems growing indoors around the year by clicking the Help button in the lower right corner, calling or texting us at 919-351-5285, or sending email to